Our commitment towards the provision of world class legal service remains unshakable. In the unlikely event you are not happy with out service, we will be grateful if you can tell us about it.

Mr. Ese Adams-Aliu is the firm’s designated Complaints Handling Partner and the person with responsibility to resolve complaints. He can be contacted at or by post at Aequus Solicitors, 27 Waterloo Road Wolverhampton WV1 4BL. Making a complaint will not affect how we handle your case.

You can raise concerns with the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Complaints Procedure

If you have any concerns about the way in which your matter is being conducted, please raise it in the first instance with the Caseworker or Solicitor with the conduct of your file. If the matter is not dealt with to your satisfaction, you may then ask that it be formally investigated under our Complaints Procedure.

1st Stage

If your concern has not been addressed to your satisfaction by the Case Handler or Solicitor with conduct of your file, then please write or email the firm Supervisor who will conduct an independent investigation of the complaint. You will find the Supervisor’s details in your initial paperwork or through your Case Handler. If you are unable to locate this information, you can contact our Complaints Team by emailing Your complaint will be acknowledged within 7 days and a written response will be provided within 28 calendar days of the complaint being received.

2nd Stage

Should your complaint remain unresolved, it will, upon your request, be escalated to our dedicated Complaints Team led by Mr. Ese Adams-Aliu who is our Designated Complaints Handling Partner. The complaint will be reviewed and further investigations may be carried out, if an assessment is made that it is necessary to do so. We will write to you within 28 calendar days of receiving your request and confirm our decision on same, carefully outlining our reasons. At this stage, we will give our final response to your complaint within 8 weeks.
We have decided not to adopt an Alternative Dispute Resolution. Should you wish to complain further, you should contact the legal Ombudsman.

Next Step(s) If We Are Unable To Resolve Your Complaint

The legal Ombudsman can help you if you feel we have not resolved your complaint.
Before taking on your complaint, the Legal Ombudsman will need to be satisfied that you have tried to resolve the complaint with us first.
The complaint must reach the Legal Ombudsman:
  • within six months of receiving a final response to your complaint and
  • no more than six years from the date of the act/omission; or
  • no more than three years from when you should reasonably have known there was cause for complaint
For more information about the Legal Ombudsman, please use the following details:
Phone: 0300 555 0333 between 9am and 5pm
Legal Ombudsman PO Box 6806, Wolverhampton, WV1 9WJ